NWToys Rules

Tread Lightly!: We believe in keeping access open, sharing the spaces we have left and generally not trashing the place. Expect to be called out if you aren’t on the same page.

Travel responsibly
Respect the rights of others
Educate yourself
Avoid sensitive areas
Do your part

“Tread Lightly” applies not just on the trails, but here on the site as well.

  1. No Spam: We don’t have ads on this site. Never have, don’t plan to start. You can post a product that you use, or a site that you find helpful, but if you are trying to sell something, or posting links unrelated to the other content, you will be banned without notice. If in doubt, ask before you post. The only exception is the Classifieds and even then it’s meant for member related posts, not to promote your affiliate links, push unrelated products or drive traffic to another site.
  2. Play Nice: Disagree with ideas, but don’t attack the person.
  3. Politics: Just don’t. There are plenty of places you can discuss politics. This is not one of them. Land use discussions may veer into this space, but no person, party or group has a lock on being boneheads, so keep it out of the weeds.
  4. No Hate Speech: Same as politics. That means that religion, race and other polarizing subjects are better left to other forums.
  5. PG-13: Keep it clean. When it comes to speech, clothing and behavior, think “crowded public place” not “drunken night at the strip club”.
  6. Moderators Have the Final Say: There’s plenty of leeway to be had, but ultimately judgement calls have to be made. We are willing to adapt the rules and their enforcement to reflect the desire of the community. We are even willing to review moderator decisions. But once it’s closed, let it go. Somebody has to run the ship, and you aren’t paying the bills.